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Clash of Clans, as everyone knows, is one of the best strategy games available from Supercell, and it has been downloaded from the Play Store a staggering 500 million times. You can probably already guess how much they adore this game. Since the entire COC is built on them, there is still another reason they wish to hack it and have unrestricted access to its resources.

The use of gold, elixir and dark elixir is required for unlocking, training, brewing, building, and upgrading. Additionally, gems are the game’s premium currency. However, due to Supercell’s strict fair gaming standards, players who attempt to employ any form of hack or mod will have their accounts permanently banned. To avoid having their accounts banned, Clashers create their private servers. And that is Phoenix clash of clans private server.

Phoenix clash of clans hacks Features

  • 99% Server Uptime
  • Clan System
  • Clan Wars + Clan War League
  • Friendly Challenges
  • New Events + Regular Updates
  • No Root Required
  • Unlimited Resources [Gems, Gold, Elixirs, Dark Elixirs]

Unlimited Resources

Gold, Elixirs, Dark Elixirs, and Gems are the four primary materials in your arsenal. Training soldiers, brewing spells, upgrading barracks, heroes, pets, troops, spells, siege machines, and army camps all require elixir or dark elixir. And the time and money required to upgrade rapidly rise as you progress through the stages. They can only be instantly leveled up with gems. However, gems may only be purchased with hard currency. As a result, its storage capacity is boundless.

Unlimited Troops

With this modification, you can have more than 300 troops at a time. Put as many soldiers to fight as you like. Obtaining three stars on any base is simple. In addition, all of the soldiers can now be released from their cells. Doing so will help you avoid wasting time. Brand-new units like the Dragon Rider and the Super Balloons are included.


Instead of the official Clash of Clans server, it utilizes a private one. Your actions on this server will not affect your regular account. There is no need to take any precautions, such as blocking the account. These two accounts don’t match up at all. As a bonus, it can be installed without rooting the device first.

Regular & Stable Updates

Clash of Clans periodically releases updates and adds new features to maintain player interest. Super Balloons, new Troops levels, and the Dragon Riders are part of the latest version. Phoenix Clash also provides regular updates to keep you updated on all these developments. There have been no problematic updates for optimal performance, zero latency, or other glitches.

How to Install Clash of Phoenix APK

We look at the Phoenix Clash of Clans iOS, Android, and PC installations. A simple installation cycle is outlined below for your convenience.

Android without Root

Just follow the steps below to install Clash of Phoenix APK or any other Android app.

  • Get the COP Android app.
  • Remove the official Clash of Clans if you want to play legally.
  • To enable the installation of apps from unknown sources, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • The app is effectively installed on your mobile device.
  • Appreciate Clash of clans mod apk Phoenix download on Android.

IOS Without Jailbreak

Before you continue, if it’s not too much trouble, make sure you have the records listed below, and to finish, follow the system in the ways listed below:

  • Avail of the Clash of Phoenix IPA document on your PC.
  • Download Cydia Impactor from here.
  • Utilize a USB cable to connect your device to your computer.
  • Launch Cydia Impactor on your computer and choose the device you wish to update.
  • Copy the IPA file you got in Step 1 onto Cydia Impactor.
  • Cydia Impactor will ask for your Apple ID and password to sign the IPA file, which Apple only verifies.
  • Settings > General > Profiles (or “Gadget Management”/”Profiles and Device Management”) should be where you head after introducing the program. Use your Apple ID to locate the profile and then launch it.
  • Make sure you click the Trust button.
  • The software is now ready for use.

Note: Patiently wait for the installation process to complete, and then you may access Clash of Phoenix on your iOS device.

Clash of Phoenix on PC

Several players require high-resolution displays, such as PCs, to enjoy Clash of Clans. However, please keep in mind that there is currently no PC version of COC, but we will provide you with a solution. Getting COC onto a computer is as easy as installing an Android emulator. Please refer to the instructions below to install Clash of Clans on your computer.

  • You need to download the BlueStacks emulator.
  • The link will allow you to download the Clash of Phoenix apk file.
  • Launch BlueStacks and drop the file you just downloaded.
  • Get the apk file onto your computer now.
  • For everything you’ve done, I hope you enjoy playing the PC version of Conflict: Phoenix 2021.


By downloading COP APK 2021, you may provide your loved ones the strength they need to attack and steal their enemy’s resources. To protect yourself from your enemy on this private server, you can build a Town Hall.

You can enjoy clashing with this independent worker by downloading the COP APK. If you found this post helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends and family.

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