About Us

Clash of Clans Bases official website was first released in 2022. It quickly became one of the internet’s most popular mobile gaming strategy sites. This game’s primary goal is to build a community, obtain valuables, store resources, train troops, raid other villages and establish a winning clan. Clash of Clans popularity has increased since its first release due to its loyal fandom and continuous updates, which number more than half a billion downloads from the Google Play store.

About the Site

The site was developed and maintained by a team of experts. We have played and tested new strategies, bases, etc., for many years. Today, we can share our years of experience as a blog to help gamers rise their clans and be victorious.

As a CEO, I’d like to thank my team members for sharing their deep knowledge and consistently updating the site. My team and I have shared some of the tested strategies you can use in any town hall village to be victorious.

Site Authors

  1. Cranberry
  2. Attiq Ur Rehman
  3. Nouman Ali
  4. Obaid Ahsen

Why This Game?

This game is one of the older mobile games that had the most players in the history of smartphone gaming. Many people believe that COC is not played in 2022, but that’s not true. When a new mobile game is launched, players quickly focus on that game leaving all the other games. That happened with the clash of clans, too. However, they’ve recovered many of their lost players recently.