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th13 war base design

If you are looking for the best town hall 13 anti-2 star, war, and farming bases with working links, then you are on the right site. We have listed the bases that will provide you with the best defensive approach. COC players need to protect their stars, and these bases will assist you with that. Moreover, in multiple-player battles, these bases will assist in defending the gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

A war base is usually designed in a way to protect you from enemies and their attacking strategies. The main objective is to provide a player with the best possible defensive and attacking strategies to survive and outplay their enemies.

In farming bases, different troops, walls, and buildings are situated in a specified order for defensive purposes. These kinds of bases are really helpful, especially in the multiplayer battle to protect gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

After deep research, we have selected the following th13 anti-2 star, war, and farming bases. You just have to click on the link and this will redirect to the COC base link. From there, you can easily download them and enjoy your COC gameplay. 

100% Tested Bases links [TH-13]


anti ground troops base town hall 13

In this war base, the clan castle is always surrounded by strong defensive walls. Enemies cannot easily breach them, as they are quite solid and composed.

The clan troops are also there for better protection. Eagle artillery is there to defend the clan castle against the enemy’s air attack. The Townhall is situated in the middle because it is extra safe there and protected by clan troops and walls.

Not only this, other defensive factors play an important role in protection. You can observe the massive bombs beside the wall along with the archers outside the wall. These bombs and archers ensure top-notch safety.

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anti ground and air war base for th13

This base is a special one because of its defensive design. The extra wall, outside the surrounding wall, makes it distinctive from other bases. The extra defensive approach assists the player in countering the enemy’s attack in the best possible way.

Another factor that makes it the ultimate choice for the COC players is its multiple compartments instead of a single one. It’s relatively difficult to invade because they are surrounded by barricades.

Like other war bases, its Townhall is also situated at the center. In the adjacent compartments, Clan Castle is situated. The safety of Townhall is assured by the cannons and air defense system that is ready to counter any attack of the enemy.

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war layout 2 town hall 13

This base offers the same defensive qualities as the above two, with a slight change in design. You can observe the differences in air defense approaches. But it is still as effective as the other two ones.

We have tried and tested this base and it is one of the best anti-2-star war bases because of its exceptional defensive approach.

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th13 war base design

The defensive strategy of this base design is completely different from the above ones. This base is strategically designed in a way to provide the best possible protection to players. As we saw in all the previously discussed bases, the Townhall is situated in the middle, but not specifically in this base design. It is moved to the end of the main base, and behind it, huge bombs are placed for extra protection. Also like other ones, the compartments besides the Townhall used for defensive purposes. In case of any air attack, the responsive air defensive system is also there to defend and counterattack.

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Now we will move to COC farming. These bases help you defend against enemies like anti-2 and war bases. These bases are specifically designed to protect your resources and save them from enemies.

In these bases, the storage and buildings are placed in an organized way. The attackers couldn’t easily pass through the walls and loot your resources like gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

There are different paths and compartments on the same bases, that make the enemy distracted. The storage is usually placed in the center, which makes it extremely difficult for the enemies to reach it. Because they have to pass many barriers to loot your resources.

Below are the COC farming bases with links. You can choose and select, according to your preference. These bases will make your COC gaming experience more exciting and helpful.


best layout tested 100% for th13

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town hall 13 anti ground and air home base

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anti 1 start, anti-everything base for th13

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anti 2 stars new th13 layout

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town hall 13 safe home base layout

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new and improved th13 grid dark elixir farming

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