15+ TH14 Trophy Base Links 2022

th14 trophy bases links

Townhall 14 is the most advanced Townhall level in this game. You have to play against the most experienced coc players. That’s why it requires great defensive skills to compete and win against them. For this purpose, you will have to need the trophy base. We have collected the best th14 bases with download links.

These layouts are not just theoretically researched but also tested by experienced players.


th14 trophy push with high lvl walls

This base has an open section with excellent defense. The buildings are placed in strategically important locations, and there are also traps to handle the enemy’s attack. They cannot easily overpower you in this, and as a result, you will not lose too many trophies.

It also comes with the latest defensive techniques that enable a player to play against the enemy and counter their attacks. 



th14 high defense trophy layout

It is accompanied by the best defensive strategy, and you would hardly get 3 stars in it. That too is only if the opponent is a highly skilled or experienced player. Mostly, you will easily defeat the enemy and score high in the games.

This design did a splendid job in the Legend League recently, and it proves how good it is. After that, it can be downloaded and used by many players.



best anti 2 star trophy for town hall 14

The defensive strategy of this includes guiding enemy troops in the same direction with the help of a general compartment setup. Instead of spreading in a different direction and causing damage, the attackers’ troops travel in the same direction, and this strategy helps tackle the enemy’s attack very efficiently.



100% tested trophy base th14

It’s a trophy base with a unique style, and you may have seen this recently. Moreover, it has quite a few benefits in terms of good defense and assists you in giving tough times to enemies. You can simply copy and download this if you want to score well in the game.



th14 base all in one

Like one of the above one, its defensive strategy also involves the compartments. Enemies, when attacking this base, get lost in the compartments and end up messing up their attacking strategies.

This base can counter all the latest enemy strategies in Legends of the League. This base should be your first choice if you want to go for a trophy push.



unique design hybrid and trophy th14

This has the same conventional design as most of the bases. But its core is the most important part here that offers the maximum defense. To tackle the enemy attack, this base has the latest Eagle artillery that will make it extremely difficult for the enemy to win against you or even survive.

This structure will be portrayed as a simple base because of its design, but when an enemy attacks, they will be surprised by its advanced and responsive defensive system.



th14 anti air and ground troops trophy

Along with the bait compartment in the north, this base also has other compartments and open walls for maximum defense and protection. In this way, it distracts the attackers and, as a result, they go against their plans. That’s how this base helps defeat the enemies.

Moreover, this base can even defend over 6,000 trophies in the Legend League.



push trophy th14 high lvl base

This base also has one of the best central compartment defensive strategies. When the enemy attacks, the base forces them to travel through the central compartments.

In this compartment, you can easily target enemies by using different methods and strategies. It offers the best defense, by slowing the enemy’s attack and giving you enough time to attack and defeat them.

This is one of the strongest bases and is recommended by many Legend of league players.



100% tested top player th14 base



trophies protection using standard th14 layout



anti giant, ground troops trophy base for low lvl walls th14



th14 anti push trophy base



th14 anti heros trophy pushing



trophy layout 14



scattered amazing trophy layout 15



trophy layout 16



trophy layout 17


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