7+ Best Builder Hall Bases 2022

bh 03 best bases 2022

Recently, Supercell has extended the main clash of clans base with the versus battle mod called builder hall. It is a versus battle zone where 2 players can attack each other’s base one the same time while trying to get more stars and percentages for victory. Builder bases have fewer buildings, defense, and troops as compared to the main town hall. This allows the players to utilize the space for decoration such as grass, trees, etc.

In this article, we will show you some of the best builder hall bases for bh3, bh4, bh5, and so on. These bases are picked best by top players of clash of clans.

Top BH-03 Bases

This builder hall 3 bases is low designed yet very powerful using spring and push traps to keep the unwanted guests away. From the inside, the main town hall is protected with a crusher, tesla, and double cannon.

When a player starts an attack, troops will target the outer defense first. This helps protect the village while cannons and archer is attacking them from inside. This might be a simple-looking base but it’s very tricky to attack especially for new players.

Anti 2 star base for BH 3

Th03 builder base coc
Th03 builder base coc

This anti-2-start builder base is very powerful in which players have no way to land troops safely. Once a player deployed his army from any side, it will force the troops to attack either the left side or right side of the base.

On the left side, there is a spring trap and crusher for protection. Whereas the right side is balanced with a spring trap, hidden tesla, and push trap. The main town hall is well protected with cannons from all sides.

Builder Base

Town hall 3 base layout
Th03 builder base coc

In order to win a battle, you have to restrict your opponent to a low percentage and star so that you win the battle. But for that, you have to deploy the layout in such a way that it can tackle any kind of opponent troops. This general base works well for trophy pushing, protecting town hall, etc. 

Th 03 anti-2-star builder base design

town hall 3 base
Anti 2 start bh03 defense base

This base is opened from all sides (if you see it in spectator view) but covered will all kinds of traps and defenses. There’s no way a player can reach the town hall without destroying the buildings and defenses around it. Some of the builders are placed out of the walls to distract archers and other troops.

Trophy builder base TH 03

Townhall 3 base design
BH-03 trophy pushing base

This specific bh03 base was designed to save trophies for an upgrade but works very well as an anti-3 star. If we look into it, the top of the base is protected by double walls so that most of the troops will go to the bottom side. Townhall is behind double walls so that the troops may attack all the other buildings first.

This base cannot be defeated easily unless a player uses high-level wall breakers or start an air attack.

townhall 3 trophy base
townhall 3 trophy base

This base is pretty much similar to the above base except the defenses are inside of the walls. When some player starts an attack from the bottom, it will surprise him with a spring trap and crusher. If he/she attacks with the archers, the chances are the troops might not get into the base.

bh-th03 defense from sides base

The town hall 3 (bh03) base above forces the troops to attack from either left or right side of the base. That’s why we are seeing more and more traps at the entrance. It’s also covered with some high size buildings so the troops get busy with it.

Nouman Ali
Nouman Ali is a Professional player and base designer of this game. He has completed his BS(CS) from Arid Agricultural University and decided to work as an internship blogger. His time in the game and written posts have really helped the readers.


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