Builder hall 9 Progress Bases [Anti-2 Star]

Builder-Base-9 progress

Any warfare game that gives total control to your hands is always fun to play. You can experiment with different attack strategies and defensive structural designs according to your skills. Similarly, the clan of clash is also ruling the world with its popularity because this game has so many maps and item options. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the best builder hall 9 bases.

BH9 Progress Base Link (Anti 2 Star)

Builder-Base-9 progress

This is a trophy base link known as one of the best builder hall 09 trophy bases. It’s so efficient in itself that it makes you reach up to the 5000+ troops easily without wasting any time and strategic power. Furthermore, it does not require you to be a pro attacker at all to achieve this level of success in a clash of clans. By the way, let us clear one thing, this is a builder base 09 that is the anti-2-star base so don’t confuse it with any other design.

top attacking progress base bh09

Just to let it be clear for all of you, this is an anti-2-star base design specially designed in a builder hall 9 release of the clash of clans. We can assure you that even if you are not a very good or professional player of the builder hall 09 release if you copy this base design, it will get you more than 5000 troops for sure. This is a trophy base of bh9 that doesn’t require the player to be very good at attacking.

The base is designed to defeat the enemy at any cost. This is a very hard-to-get type of base. You should be sure that the enemy can opt for any of the attack strategies including super PEKKA, Beta minions, Night witch, boxer giant, and cannon cart. All these are not enough for getting the enemy any of the 2 or 3 stars.

Best Progress BH 09 Bases

anti 1 star base for builder hall 9

The main building is always the builder hall in this game and that’s why it is to be protected to the best. Similarly, we have put the main defense buildings all over the base map so that there’s no way in and out for the enemy. And for exact same reason, this base is safe and will not get the enemy 3 or even 2-stars from attacking it.

high lvl defense base for builder hall

This base contains the main building of the builder’s hall 09 at the central position where we have put all the major defense systems at its surroundings. Builder Hall 9 is worth one star, so keeping it safe can make you win the war with minimum damage. This base will not allow the enemy to defeat you and take the 2 or 3 stars from this base.

strong builder hall base  anti 3, anti 2 stars 2022
 anti 3, anti 2 stars bh new
builder hall designs anti 3, anti 2 stars

These base designs are the best builder hall designs so far that are anti-3-star, anti-2-star, anti-1-star, and anti-air bases. Furthermore, these bases are anti giant, anti-witch, anti-baby dragon, anti dropship, anti cannon cart, and anti-Pekka war bases. These bases are the best builder bases to get more than 6000 trophies while not allowing the enemy to beat you at any cost.


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