11+ Best Th10 Farming Bases

forced funnel base for th10

If you want to defend your Town Hall 10 base, then it’s time for you to change the layout or the design. We are designing the coc bases for years and finally prepared some excellent Town Hall 10 farming base designs. These layouts not only help you defend your village resources from enemies but protects your trophies as well.

In this article, we will list 11+ best layouts for th10 (farming, wars, trophy pushing, etc) that suit well for you. Feel free to copy and use it in your own village.

Farming Bases (TH10) with links

Townhall 10 farming base layout
Townhall 10 farming base layout

The above Town hall 10 bases are compact which means, it is challenging for enemy ground troops to score 2 or 3 stars. If we talk about its air defence, its sweepers are in such a place that it may create hurdles for air troops.

The base can service against fooling attacks:

  • Lava loon
  • Electro dragon
  • Go wipe
  • Mass Pakka
pure farming base for th10
Town-hall 10 base layout

This is a pure Th10 farming base and can help in saving your resources in case of any following enemy attacks.

  • Go Hog
  • Holowiwi
  • Go wipe
anti gowi, archer, and ground troops base for th10
Townhall 10 best farming design

Th10 is the strongest base and can assist you in defending and fighting enemies’ lethal attacks. Moreover, it will also help in redeeming your following resources in case of an enemy attack.

  • Trophies
  • Storages

Additional Layouts for Wars?

Town tall 10 bases are usually used by gamers for attacking and farming purposes. its older version got quite popular in a class of clan enthusiasts gamer and they use it abundantly, unfortunately, it got crashed due to overload. But it relaunched with a lot of new exciting features that were missing in the older design

anti queen walk, dragon, and ground defense base [th10]
Strongest Town hall 10 base

After the latest update, many users did not feel comfortable with it but it is no doubt the strongest base with extraordinary features. It can also be used for other purposes. The base is not fully maxed out but you can use the layout. This layout has the  following benefits:

  • Attackers can not get more scores than you and you can secure your trophies.
  • It is a strong and tight base because of compact walls, so attackers can not conquer it as a result your score will improve.
Anti 2 star town hall 10
Anti-star town hall 10 farming base

  • Balloon
  • Dragoon
  • Go wipe

Strongest bases for anything

Just click on the copy layout link to change your town hall 10 base layout. These are the top-of-the-line bases that are most secure and reliable while defending any type of enemy troops.

resource saving base th10
New Townhall 10 farming base

Th10 is an old base but we are here with its latest version. The highlighting feature of this base is that it helps you in saving the dark elixir. If you play this game, you would defiantly know that it is a significant resource and this base is designed specifically to protect this from enemies.

anti hog, gowi, wizard, archer, etc base for th10
Farming base Townhall 10

The above base is an essential wide base design that can be very lethal against enemy troops. It can be used to secure the following things:

  • Saving trophies by securing town hall
  • Protecting dark elixir from the enemy’s reach
Town hall 10 new design anti drag
Townhall 10 new design

Townhall 10 best farming base layout

perfect attack defense home base for town hall 10

This is an advanced design with a perfect defense mechanism. Its primarily designed for farming and with defenses shelter, so it can tackle any following enemy attack without any problem.

  • Balloon
  • Lava dragon
  • Gowiwi
  • Gowipeloon
TH 10 all in one new base [untested]
TH 10 new farming base layout
Th 10 anti-star everything
Th 10 anti-star everything
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