Best Town Hall 11 War Bases Links 2022

Town Hall 11 War Base

Clash of clans is one the most popular “real-time strategy” games and without any doubt, it is still ruling the hearts of clash of clans lovers. There is a number of reasons that maintain its status of the best game for years.

First of all, it has not had very high demanding specs and runs easily on every device. The gamers love it and its users are increasing day by day. In this game, we build our villages, collect resources and attack the other villagers to loot their resources or protect our resources in case of an attack.

We attack others to get more resources and become powerful and score high. We launch the attack randomly on other villages or we have to play wars against other clans and vice versa.

To save our own resources from raids we have to build strong defenses and for that purpose, we have to utilize our resources. There are two types of villages layouts:

TH11 Specified War Bases Only (Tested)

Specified War Bases Only (Tested) th11

The above base is used as a Town Hall 11 War Base. It is designed to defend against both ground and air troops. It is an anti-2-star base and to get more stars or percentages you have to be proficient and the opponent’s plan should work properly. 

th 11 undefeated 100% tested war base

The above war base is designed for stopping 3-star attacks from balloons, dragons, and other ground troops. But, it’s very difficult to stop GOWI’s attack (Golen Wizard Witch) strategy on this base. Troops can easily enter the base by breaking the right side of the base via 4x earthquake spells.

To resolve that problem, we have added hidden tesla’s out of the base on the right side to distract golems and other ground troops.




th11 massive anti 1 start ground and air base

This base is designed to stop both ground and air attacks when used with clan castle troops. When the enemy troops trying to enter the base from any side, the storage units will act as a distraction and stop them temporarily. Meanwhile, eagle artillery will do its job by bombarding them with fireballs.

To win a war each step should be taken with proper planning because it is not easy to score 3-star on these difficult bases. It is also recommended that before initiating the war, always lock your clan so enemies could not sneak into your clan and steal your game plan.

eagle artillary and xbows powered (town hall 11 war base) 2022

This specific base is very tricky and most of the attackers will probably try to attack from above for a guaranteed 1-star. That’s why we can say this base is anti-2 star when used with cc troops. If you copy the base above and max walls and defense, the chances are enemies can’t even score 2 stars.



TH11 Multipurpose Bases (Untested)

th11 home/war base for dark elixer storage

The base can be used for any purpose including war layout, dark elixir saving, and trophy pushing. It distracts the troops to crawl around the base and attack on each section separately. This will not only delay the attack time but allows other units to attack them as well.



th11 home loot base 2022

Copy Layout

If you want to increase your resources level then you need three things:

  • Elixer
  • Gold
  • Dark Elixer

In order to get that your army should be powerful enough so that it can raid the enemy and loot their stored resources and things. The loot you would gain from attacking opponents is then used to level up your building, troops, traps, and defenses.

th11 anti-home 1 star base with traps

th11 trophy pushing base 2022



town hall 11 anti-everything 2022



(most famous) th11 star base layout 2022



protecting town hall base layout



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