How to Get League Medals in Clash of Clans [2023]


Clash of Clans allows its participants to build a village, engage in online warfare, and form clan alliances. In addition, there are Clan War Leagues, where members compete to win League Medals and other rewards for representing their Clan in battle.

Step by Step method to get league medals

It would help if you had a Clan eligible to compete in Clan Wars Leagues to earn League Medals. To sum up what we have discussed thus far:

1.      You are required to be a part of a Clan, either by making one or joining one already in operation.

2.      Verify that your Clan’s status allows it to join the Clan War League.

War Leagues and the more complex Champion Leagues in Clash of Clans feature higher-level opponents and offer greater rewards but require a higher Clan rank to enter.

The Clan Leader is responsible for registering their Clan at least two days before the event begins. Further, your Clan Leader must select you as the Clan’s representative in the League for you to be able to take part. While all 50 of a clan’s members can participate in the fight, only those in the starting lineup will earn League Medals.

If you are one of the 15 clan representatives chosen to compete in the League, you will win League Medals regardless of the season’s outcome. How well your Clan did in battle, how well you did individually, and what kind of incentives and rewards your Clan Leader gives you after the League are all factors that affect how many medals you can bring home.

How Clan-War Medals are distributed?

Like regular Clan Wars, attacks on Battle Days are rewarded with Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold, and Clan XP. Your chances of receiving a war win bonus increase with each victory. After the end of each war, the Treasury receives the war-won bonus. For your Clan to receive the daily Clan Battle victory bonus, its members must first win the war that day.

League performance and the number of stars earned by the Clan’s roster are factors in determining who receives a League Medal. If the player receives less than 8 stars, then only a portion of the reward will be given.

Clan Leaders can also give out bonus League Medals to their Clan members. As the Clan’s victory count rises in battle, so does the number of its members eligible to receive Bonuses.

The Bonuses must be paid out no later than 21 days after the conclusion of the Clan’s War Week. During War Week, the Clan’s League decides how much a bonus can be offered and how many people can receive it. There can be one more recipient of League Medals for every war the Clan wins.

League Medals can be spent in the “League Shop” section.

Buying League Medals

Only League Medals can be used to purchase anything from the League Shop. You can get this unique currency by participating in Clan Wars Leagues. The only means to get your hands on them is this one. You won’t be able to purchase this item unless you either play the game, or your Clan adds you to the CWL.

How to use League Medals

To get a League Medal, one must:

  • Depending on how well the Clan performs in the League and how many stars they score against their opponents.
  • The head of the Clan has given you a bonus.

You can spend your hard-earned League Medals on various products, including gold, elixir, potions, wall rings, and more, in a dedicated part of the Home Village shop. A player can have a fixed price for each item and a limit of 2,500 League Medals at any given moment.

If you end up with more than 100 League Medals, the extra ones will be exchanged for Gems at the rate of one Gem for every 10 medals over 100. Therefore, it is recommended that the League Medals be applied to things rather than stacked.

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