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How to Copy a Base in Clash of Clans [2023]


We all know it takes a lot of effort to manually set our COC base/layout, especially if our town hall is quite advanced. Supercell duplicated someone else’s base function for those who are too lazy to establish the base manually. However, the problem is that we can only copy bases that are part of the same clan as our own.

But don’t panic since I’ll be providing tips on copying a base in Clash of Clans without leaving the clan this time. Never fear about your COC account being locked out from using this guide; it is entirely secure.

Copy a players base in Clash of Clans

  1. If you own an Android device, you can benefit from downloading the Clash Base Pedia Prodi app from the Play Store.
  2. When you launch the app, you can sign in using your Google or Facebook account or a guest log-in (continue as a guest).
  3. I suggest logging in as a guest if you only want to copy the COC database.
  4. Your next stop is on a configurable settings page.

How to copy a friends base

  1. Here you get to pick the tier of the town hall that best suits your needs and wants.
  2. The various types of bases available to you are listed here; for example, you can select “B. Anti-3-Star Base,” “Anti-Air Attack Base,” “Anti-Dragon Base,” “Base Farm,” and so on.
  3. Press the button if you wish to make a copy or make use of the foundation.
  4. Your favourite base layout will be copied to the COC app after you click Copy from your favourite base. Clear the area around your base so that it can be arranged efficiently.
  5. You can then open the duplicated base in village edit mode by clicking Save after selecting the slot.

How to copy a war base

Click on the clan finder, Join the group and make a mark on the TH player you want to join. After you have joined the clan, you should go to the player’s base and click the Copy Layout Button in the upper right corner.

That wraps up our tutorial on how to copy a base in a COC private server, which should be quite helpful to clashes seeking new ideas.

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