7+ Clash of Clans Level 5 Bases 2022

th5 hybrid base layouta

If you are in search of the best town hall 5 Clash of Clans bases, then you are on the right site. Clash of Clan gameplay becomes more interesting with golden walls, a wizard tower, an additional army camp, and a spell factory.
In this article, we have prepared the best farming, war, and defense bases for th5 for you. In addition to that, you will also get Anti Everything, Anti 2 Star, Anti Loot, and Hybrid Bases.

[Tested] 100% TH-5 Bases

coc classic th05 home base

This coc base layout is trophy-based, which means this base will help you win more trophies. On these bases, the Town Hall is usually placed in the center. It is placed there to keep it away from attackers’ reach, It has the foremost importance and it is confined inside sound and strong walls. So if the enemy attacks, they will have to pass through these walls to access Town Hall.
Inside the clan, there are cannons, mortar, and air defense systems that help in countering the enemy attack. The defense system is consist of 4 compartments and it can destroy any type of enemy attack.

th05 anti ground and 3 star base

This base layer has a town hall in the center with air defense for countering enemy airstrikes. The mortar and air defense work perfectly in defending the town hall. They can counter any lethal enemy attack and defend their clan.

The outside of the clan is surrounded by a wide solid wall that can defend against any enemy’s ground attack. There is also a small compartment with a building, positioned perfectly for best defense. In addition to that, this base also has a dark elixir collector, barracks, and army camps outside the walls to attract the archers, etc.

[Untested] TH5 Layouts

town hall 5 strong defense and high walls (home base)
town hall 5 basic home base
th05 ground and air protection home base
town hall 5 base links (tested 100%)

In this base the town hall is in the middle, like other bases, to protect the loot. Defending and protecting the loot in th5 base is very tough because there is a lack of defensive buildings in it.

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