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Strong Town Hall 11 Farming Bases 2022

strong coc farming bases for town hall 11

If you are farming loot and resources, you need to add more than just traps, defenses, and walls. Townhall 11 is one of the most attached bases especially when you are farming some loot for an upgrade. But, how can I save Elixer, dark elixir for an upgrade? Well, we need a strategy, cc troops, etc layout for the farming base.

In general town hall 11 comes with a high level of defense and traps but as the level of the defense increases the troops are also stronger now and can produce high damage if the layout of the base is not designed properly.

Town hall 11 Farming Base
Th 11 stylish layout

This is an amazing base that can be very lethal when under attack. Its maxed walls and defenses can cause great damage to the enemy and restrict them under a low percentage. Its sneaky traps can defend against many attacks.

Th 11 strongest base
Th 11 anti drag and airbase
Copy Layout


It is the strongest base that is divided into 5 equal compartments. It is difficult for the enemy to attack at such kind of base as it is equally divided. This is an anti-2 starbase. Both air and ground attacks are difficult to do at that type of base.

standard th 11 base layout
best dark elixir farming
Copy Layout

In COC, townhall 11 is not an easy base to defend and requires a strategy to design such a layout. Its multi-infernos and max walls can cause huge trouble for ground troops. This is a multi-type base and can be used as a trophy or for farming. Remember, you need strategic planning if you are dealing with this type of base.

Want to grow your village faster?

best farming base layout th11
best farming base layout town hall 11

If you want to grow your town hall 11, you need resources. To save resources from your enemies, build a strong base layout to hold them back from looting your resources. The base below is a good start to save your elixir, dark elixir, and gold storage from the enemies. 

When the enemy tries to loot the base, the troops will distract by separate placed buildings outside the walls.

Th 11 trophy pushing & farming design
Th 11 farming design

Best TH11 Farming & Trophy Pushing Layouts

The only thing that can defend your trophies from the enemy is the layout of your home village and cc troops. It means you have to work on the layout and upgrade your walls and buildings to the max level allowed by the town hall. If your defenses and walls are maxed out you might be able to save your trophies and receive star bonuses. Below are a few of the best level 11 farming layouts to choose from.

Th 11 strong base against ground troops
Th 11 trophy, war base

The above th11 base is not only shiny but a powerful base with 2 single target inferno towers. The base contains several layers of protection before the troops reach the town hall. 

Additionally, the archer queen is just near the town hall protecting it and the dark elixir from the enemies. TH 11 is also covered by 4 (ground+air) xbows that can take down the balloons, dragons, and ground troops.

Th 11 anti-3 start base with strong air defense
Th 11 anti 2 star + farming

Townhall 11 layout above is one of the most powerful farming bases that you can use. There are different types of bases that can be used for different purposes and entirely depends upon the user what he wants from the layout. The layout above is most suitable to save your resources when the village is under attack.

Th 11 new design
Th 11 new small base design

best th11 time elapsing base
Th 11 new time elapsing layout
Copy Layout


The above design is an anti-star base and can easily restrict the enemy to a low percentage that can save both your resources and trophies. The base is good for wasting wartime allowing you to save 2 stars as the troops follow the circle. Additionally, the storage units are placed at deeper levels into the base.

Th 11 layout 5


Th 11 trophy & farming 

Here is the new design that can save you against multiple attacks. It can survive against Pekka, bowler, golem, giant, and any other ground troops army. However, it is not tested against hog rider and dragon attacks.

The air sweepers are placed in such a position that they can also defend against air troops like lava loon, dragon, or electro dragon attacks.

Th 11 anti pekka, hogs, lalo attack base


Th 11 new trophy base

Nouman Ali
Nouman Ali is a Professional player and base designer of this game. He has completed his BS(CS) from Arid Agricultural University and decided to work as an internship blogger. His time in the game and written posts have really helped the readers.



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