Best TH07 War & Farming Bases

clash of clans th07 war farming bases

Looking for the th07 bases? We’ll describe all of them in the section below but first, we need to understand what the Clash of Clans game itself is.

Clash of clans was first released in 2012 and became one of the most popular games on the internet as a mobile strategy game. The main goal of this game to achieve is to raid other players’ bases to get some valuables that can be used to play more. The game includes locked troops that you need to unlock to play more like a combat strategist. There is a base structure that you have to plan to keep safe from the enemies. Clash of clans’ popularity has been increasing since its first release because of its continuous updates and that gave it over half a billion downloads from the google play store.

All these features of clash of clans put aside, below are five major reasons why it is a successful game worldwide.

Variety of Different Play Styles

You can play clash of clans in several different ways like single-player mode allows you to defend your base at its extreme. Even if there are multiple bases against you, your skills are determined when you defeat them all. And then there’s a multiplayer mode, where you opt to attach other’s bases and get all their resources from them. Both these play modes are great and keep the players engaged.

Social Aspects of Joining a Clan

When you join a clan of your family and friends, or any other famous and professional clan lets you in. You can discuss the attacking strategies and the defense plan in your clan and even donate your troops to other players of your clan to better execute the plan. In a clan, you can see other players’ base structure and copy it into your plan along with the friendly challenges that you give to each other. This is a good practice strategy for all of you if you want to defend your base.

Freemium Model of Business

The amazingly designed game clash of clans is available online for free to download and that made it popular worldwide in a very short span. Even though all the free features of the game are available in the game for everyone. But those who want something extra can subscribe to their monthly packages.

Continual Stream of New Content

COC is getting upgraded each year and throughout the year. In its first release, clash of clans only has 8 levels of the town hall bases as much of its popularity increased, it expanded to twelve base levels. Now each level has a unique troops setup and base defense plan. There are other new gameplay modes added in recent years to this game like the Clan Games, Builder base, and the Clan War Leagues.

Best War Base With Replays Anti Dragon Anti Hog Anti 3 Star Anti 2 Star With 3 Air Defense

loot base for th7

A new town hall base 7 is shown in the figure above. This base design is very useful against the war condition. Moreover, it is considered one of the best bases for Trophy pushing because of its design. In fact, the base is anti-3-star and anti-2-star easily because it is a great structure and distribution of the air and ground defense system.

Town Hall 7 Hybrid War Base Anti-farming Attacks

amazing hybrid anti 3 star th7

Since it is a hybrid base, the town hall building is placed at the center of the map so that we can guard the building against each side. The defense system surrounding the town hall building includes the air and ground defense system with all the attacking positions distributed in every direction. Also, the air sweeper is placed far from the air defense system because we don’t want the lightning spells to destroy both types of air defense systems at once. Not only that, if there’s any farming attack strategy applied against this base, we can use the wizard’s towers and the mortars to clean sweep the enemy.

TownHall 7 [TH7] 2022 Base ANTI 3 STAR

th07 2022

This is an anti-3-start war base specially designed to defeat the enemy at the outermost layer of protection. Additionally, the town hall building is placed at the center as most of the base planners do because it will keep the enemy away from it for as long as possible. Also, the strategy helps in protecting the building from all sides no matter where the enemy attacks. The air defense system and the ground defense system, both are not distinguished to allow extra time for the castle troops to encounter the enemy at the boundary of the base.

clean and farming base th7

In this base design, the town hall building is placed in the center to protect it from the enemies from each side. Both the defense systems such as the ground and air defense systems, are distributed well in the town hall so that they can be the guardians of the new TH7. Additionally, there’s one more benefit of this design the opponent can’t snipe them from any side because all the defense systems are placed on the inner side of the wall.

There are traps too placed on all the sides of the map so that the enemy army loses their strength or at least their troops can be lessened. And right after the traps, there are defense buildings that can destroy the rest of the enemy.

anti 1 star for town hall 7

we are here to share a new video on Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 (Th7) Trophy/Hybrid [defense] Base 2022 Design/Layout/Defense. It defends really well against a lot of different Attack Strategies at TH7 Including Giant Healer, GiWi (Giants & Wizards), dragons, hog rider, and many more.

base for storage of resources town hall 7

In this map, the town hall building is placed at the center of the map with the Elixir storage right behind it. All the troops’ training centers are placed on the two sides and small cannons are placed on all four sides of the map. Then, the right-sided training camps are there for a better attacking position with decoy bait to attract enemies to that side.

The antiwar base is an efficient base plan for the Elixir collector and the town hall 07 placement. While the town hall building is intentionally placed inside the wall because troops’ training centers are put at the top side of the map. But don’t worry because the town hall building is surrounded by a huge bomb, a small cannon, a wizard tower especially there to protect it, and a hidden tesla. But the most important thing there is the air-sweeper because that is the only thing regarding the air defense of that area. Not only that but there is also a huge distraction, as usual, the barbarian king on the right-hand side of the town hall.

simple townhall 7 layout

COC players use this base as their farming village but still, there is a small section of training their troops in the village. In fact, this is a farming village but somewhat with a small defense system at its boundaries. Having two elixir collectors at the center with the community hall exactly at the center. Furthermore, 2 archery towers on two sides and two wizard towers on two different sides with the gold mines on all four sides. There are cannons at all four sides of the center with a level one gold storage point.

undefeated th7 home base

Three sides of this war village have gold mines with only one clan castle right behind the town hall. Furthermore, on the right side of the town hall, there’s a barbarian king and the other side has only the air-defense system. Additionally, two gold storages on the top side of the base are completely equipped for war circumstances. It has two elixir collectors on the lower side of the map but as usual, the community hall is at the center-right beside the clan’s army camp fort. There is only one builder hut at the extreme right corner of the map with army camps on the right and left sides.

town hall 7 strong war base

Reaching town hall is one of the hardest tasks and this map is designed to leave enemies with nothing. In this plan, you just reach the center of the map to get the most out of the town hall and its resources like the elixir storage and the gold storage. But then you will have to leave everything else on the map. Otherwise, if you try to get everything from the other things in Town Hall 07, then you’ll have to be away from the central town hall building, and elixir storage. There are plenty of things as well like the gold storage compartments, builder’s huts, and gold mines that your enemy can destroy to disrupt your supply chain, or they can be greedy enough to swallow the barbarian king’s bait.


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