Best TH10 Attack Strategies 2022

th10 attack strategies

In Clash of Clans, the employment of suitable attacking strategies is essential, especially after reaching Town Hall 10, which is the point at which players begin to play a substantial part in clan battles. It will be considerably quicker for you to tackle the Town Hall 10 bases if you have a decent attacking approach because Taking on the Town Hall 10 bases can be complex. A significant number of experienced players have tried out a wide range of different methods for battle and provided others the opportunity to test their best armies in battle.

These well-known strategies often include a pre-determined army; nevertheless, skilled players will be required to make minor adjustments depending on the base that their opponent has. However, you are not recommended to change the large majority of the troops. In this post, we will discuss the four most effective attacking strategies used in Town Hall 10 in Clash of Clans.

Most Effective way to achieve 3 Stars

1. GoWipe

The configuration of the GoWipe army is:

1 archer, 1 healing spell, 1 poison spell, 11 mages, 3 Pekkas, 4 Golems, 7 Pigs (Clan Castle), 8 earthquake spells

In Clash of Clans, GoWipe is one of the most common and powerful attack tactics, and it is fantastic for clan war raids because of its versatility. With enough continuous practice, players can improve this attack strategy to the point where they can adequately deploy their troops. 

To prevent the enemy’s base, this attacking strategy uses Pekkas, Wizards, and Golems. Players can engage more soldiers, such as barbarians, archers, or minions, to clear the area surrounding buildings. 

To more quickly form a funnel over the process of the attack, the army composition may additionally include Witches and Valkyries.

2. Mass Hog

This army composition features:

1 Freeze spells, 37 Hog Riders, 39 Archers, 5 Healing spells, 8 Wall Breakers, Hog Riders (Clan castle)

In Clash of Clans, one of the most essential strategies for attacking defensive buildings is the Mass Hog Rider attack tactic. This approach is also quite effective in clan war battles. Players have had a more straightforward job conquering Town Hall 10 bases when the Hog Riders are aggressively attacking the defensive structures of the opponent. 

Before utilizing the Mass Hog attack tactic, players can use troops like Golems and Wizards to form a funnel that will assist in the destruction of Inferno Towers. To remove the outer buildings, players can add more soldiers, such as Minions, Barbarians, and Archers.

3. Lavaloon

Army composition:

1 Baby Dragon, 1 Dragon and 3 Balloons (Clan castle), 1 Poison spell, 2 Archers, 24 Balloons, 3 Freeze spells, 3 Lava Hounds, 3 Lightning spells, 4 Haste spells, 9 Minions

Lavaloon can quickly and efficiently clear a base, making it one of the most effective air-attacking techniques in multiplayer and clan war fights. Before employing Lava Hounds and Balloons, players are required to eliminate the Archer Queen controlled by their opponent.

4. Mass Dragons

Army composition:

10 Dragons, 8 Balloons, 6 Lightning spells, 1 Rage spell, 3 Freeze spells, Balloons (Clan castle)

Due to the fact that it makes use of a potent combination of Dragons and Balloons, the DragLoon attack strategy is one of the more straightforward methods of attack that may be performed against any Town Hall 10 base. 

It is a favorite aggressive technique employed for attacks during clan wars and in ordinary battles between players in online games. This tactic is particularly successful against air bases defended by low-level air defenses and air sweepers. 

Players can include Minions in their composition, which will let them demolish extra outside constructions such as army camps and builder huts.


The Mass Hog Rider attack method is one of the finest defensive build attack strategies in Clash of Clans. This approach is also quite effective in clan war battles. 

Even though Hog Riders take direct targets at the defensive structures of the opponent, players may quickly eliminate 10 Town Hall bases. Before utilizing the Mass Hog attack tactic, players can use troops such as Golems and Sorcerers to form a funnel that will assist in the destruction of Inferno Towers. 

In addition, players can clear out external buildings by adding troops such as minions, barbarians, and archers.

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