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Amazing TH12 War Attack Strategy 2022


For multiplayer and clan war attacks, players should use unique strategies, especially in Town Hall 12, where they have access to a breaching weapon barrack and an extra Inferno Tower. They are typically included in clan wars to display their skills against the clans they are competing against.

Top 3 Strategies

1. Zap Witch Strategy

The Zap Witch Attack Strategy will deploy many Witches, Hogs, and Ice Golems because this strategy involves a ground attack, we will use the Ice Golem to draw in the defense. The Ice Golem possesses the maximum possible level of its initial ability. It has a very high hit point total; if defeated, it freezes a small region around itself for a few seconds.

Next, we will position the witch in the back of the golem. Who possesses the Summoned Skeleton ability; even though the witch’s hitpoints and damage dealt are minimal, the witch is more dangerous thanks to the Summoned Skeleton. As a result of the raised ability, the witch gains power since it brings the skeleton back to life every few seconds and brings an end to the curse. Because of the sheer quantity of these skeletons, which keeps the defense busy, our force is capable of eliminating the base.

The following is the army structure that should be used for attack strategy:

  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 12 Witch
  • 2 Earthquake Spell
  • 4 Wizard
  • 5 Ice Golem
  • 8 Lightning Spell
  • 9 Hog Rider
  • Wall Wrecker

2. Queen Charge Hybrid Attack

The queen is used in concert with healers in the widely used aggressive strategy known as the “queen charge.” As a result, the queen gains immortality and can deal more damage than she usually would. The employment of the Queen is initially put to use to destroy high-defense structures like Eagle Artillery, Inferno, and Many More. In addition, funnels can be constructed using the queen.

In addition to the Hog Rider and Miner, we will employ the Queen Charge attack tactic.

As a result of the fact that their combo also produces Extensive Damage, Hog Rider and Miner play a distinct role in every attack. Hog riders assault natural defense, and how miners destroy supplies by destroying the underground without making much impact, their most essential trait is the ability to jump over direct walls, allowing them to advance without any impediment.

The following is the army structure that should be used for an attack:

  • 1 Minion
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 14 Hog rider
  • 14 Miner
  • 2 Freeze Spell
  • 2 Healing Spell
  • 2 Mega Goblin
  • 2 Wall breaker
  • 3 Rage Spell
  • 4 Balloons
  • 5 Healer
  • Flame Flinger

3. Blizzard Strategy

Only the Super Wizard can access Chain Magic, a unique and powerful skill. With this ability, the Super Wizard can use his fireball to strike many targets at once, and after achieving Super Wizard status, the fireball’s damage is boosted. It is pretty efficient against Castle Troops as well as High Defense.

When the Super Wizard is chosen to use in conjunction with a battle blimp, this attack takes on a more unique quality. As a result of the fact that the war blimp travels in the same way in which it is placed. Once it has been deployed, it is impossible to change its path. In addition to delivering bombs on the opposing defense, the Battle Blimp can also carry Castle Troops.

Because with its support, we can destroy a direct town hall 12 or any high defense with a simple spell, which will weaken the opposing base, the Blizzard is the most acceptable attack method.

The following is the army structure that should be used for attack strategy:

  • 1 Archer
  • 1 Baby Dragon
  • 1 Battle Blimp
  • 1 Ice Golem
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 11 Minion
  • 2 Haste Spell
  • 26 Balloons
  • 3 Freeze Spell
  • 3 Lava Hound
  • 5 invisible Spell
  • 6 Wall breaker

War Attack Without Heroes

Let’s get started with our guide for the no heroes attack on th12, shall we? You must first use your blizzard to bring the core to its knees and destroy it. If possible, you will also need to clear the hall. However, before you use the blizzard in battle, you should ensure that you have practiced using it. After completing this, you will need to construct a funnel for your dragons to use. In this regard, the electro dragon and the baby dragon can serve as valuable tools for funneling. Achieving a three-star rating can be challenging without heroes, but achieving a two-star rating is much simpler. Because you do not have any heroes available as backup, funneling is a highly vital strategy. You can now unleash the dragons to deal the maximum amount of damage. This tactic is also applicable to farming in several ways.

Our recommendation: In such circumstances, I believe dragoon is an appropriate choice. A farming and fighting army consisting of 7 drags, 2 rest loons, and perhaps several special purpose troops such as 2 wizards and 2 archers for things like corner huts is considered reasonably powerful. When I performed it, I used a combination of clone, rage, haste, and freeze, but now that lightning is more manageable, it could be a good idea to include it in your spell combination. When the heroes in my legends were leveling up, I deployed this army against them.

Armies composed of sneaky goblins or sneaky goblins combined with baby drags are also acceptable options for achieving a 50% two-star rating without using heroes.


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