Best Th11 Attack Strategy 2022

th11 attack strategy

The Town Hall 11 stage, sometimes known as TH11 for its abbreviated form, is one of the most crucial levels in Clash of Clans. In Townhall 11, players will become familiar with a large number of new spells and soldiers.

Consequently, it is highly typical for them to get confused about which attack plan to utilize on a specific TH11 base, whether in a war or a regular attack.

I’ve chosen to write this post to seek a solution to that problem. In this piece, I will walk you through the top five most effective attack techniques in Clash of Clans for players who have reached Town Hall 11 level. I have provided a comprehensive explanation of each of the offensive techniques.

3 Town Hall 11 Strategies in COC

1. Hybrid Walkthrough

A large percentage of Miners, Hogs, and baby Dragons will be utilized in executing this Attack Strategy. The fact that this is a hybrid assault plan means that, in this, we will first strive to establish a funnel to the queen with the assistance of the queen’s charge, and in addition to that, we will work toward destroying a significant quantity of defense.

Following this, we will make a second funnel with the assistance of the King, Peeka, and the Wizard. Once the funnel has been created, we will finally deploy the Hog Rider, the Miner, and the Grand Warden. The Freeze spell will be cast on the defenders, and the Healing spell will be released on the Hogs riders when the army has been deployed.

The following is the army structure that should be used for strategy:

  • 1 Archer
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 2 Baby Dragon
  • 2 balloons
  • 2 Freeze Spell
  • 2 Rage Spell (including 1 from donation)
  • 2 super wall breaker
  • 2 Wizard
  • 3 Healing Spell
  • 5 Miner
  • 9 Hog Rider

2. Golem, Witches, Bats Strategy

The Witch, the Bowler, and the Golem will play significant roles in this Strategy. Given that this is a tactic for a ground attack, we will deploy Golem to attract the defensive. The Golem’s most muscular strength lies in its exceptionally high hitpoints, making it difficult to defeat.

This attack is highly straightforward. We will use Electro Dragon to construct the funnel in the first step. End Side will direct the deployment of our Main Army. First, they will send out the Golem, then the Witches and the Bowler, and last, they will send out the Queen and the Grand Warden from behind.

The Grand Warden capability will be used when we have successfully breached the base’s defenses with the Rage, Freeze, and Bats spells, respectively.

The following army composition is recommended for use in the strategy:

  • 1 Electro Dragon
  • 1 Minion
  • 11 Bowler
  • 2 Golem
  • 2 Rage Spell
  • 3 Freeze Spell
  • 6 Archer
  • 6 Bat Spell
  • 8 Witch

3. ICY 5 Strategy

Witches, Bowlers, and Ice Golems will be utilized in these 5 strategies because this is a tactic for a ground attack, we will use an Ice Golem to distract the defense. Ice Golem’s initial ability is its greatest strength. It has a higher high hitpoint total, and when it is defeated, it causes its immediate surroundings to become frozen for a few seconds.

In the beginning, we will construct the funnel with the assistance of Electro Dragon and King. The Town Side will coordinate the deployment of our Main Army, first with an Ice Golem, then moving on to Witches and Bowlers, and last, we will deploy the Queen and Grand Warden from behind.

After successfully entering the base, we will employ the Grand Warden function, and then we will use the Rage power, the Freeze spell, and the Bats spell on the defenses.

The following is the army formation that should be used for attack plan:

  • 1 Archer
  • 1 balloon
  • 1 Electro Dragon
  • 1 Minion
  • 1 Yeti (from donation)
  • 11 Bowler
  • 2 Rage Spell
  • 3 Freeze Spell
  • 5 Ice Golem (including 1 from donation)
  • 6 Bat Spell
  • 8 Witch


The strategic video game “Clash of Clans,” owned by Supercell, is an online multiplayer war game in which players must deploy a variety of army combinations to attack opposing bases. To obtain the maximum number of stars and loot, you must employ a specific army combination and attack strategy for each Town Hall.

Nouman Ali
Nouman Ali is a Professional player and base designer of this game. He has completed his BS(CS) from Arid Agricultural University and decided to work as an internship blogger. His time in the game and written posts have really helped the readers.


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