Clash of Clans TH9 Attack Strategy

Clash of clans th9 attack strategy
Today I want to write about how you can quickly identify weaknesses on bases and regardless of which th9 attack strategy you should use. Whether it be the witches lalo dragons or hogs. I guess there are a lot of other strategies as well but those are the big ones that we’re recovering.
I’ll show you lots of different ways to do those and how to identify those weaknesses and take advantage of them.

Zap lalo Strategy

The first attack we’re looking at today is a zap lalo. Zap lalo is an extremely powerful strategy but it requires some tactics. But, this one is a rather simple one with 4x lightning spells and you can vary the number of lightning depending on the hitpoints of the building.
That explains how many lightning spells you need to take down every single defense with and without a quake.  He could have taken this out with 3 lightning quakes there he decided to go with 4 lightning and then he pulls the cc and either draw that cc up to the top of the base.
Whenever you do a lalo, your balloons cannot fight back against the cc or the enemy queen so you have to deal with those with your heroes.
You could do it with a baby dragon or lightning spells. If you’re doing it with the lightning then you obviously can’t destroy the cc with it. But, you can take out the queen you can destroy the enemy queen there with 4-5 lightning.
Always keep that in mind there if she’s a little bit deeper in the base star and you can’t reach her with your heroes. You can try to find her next to an air defense while she circles her pad there and takes her out with your lightning.
If she’s close to the edge of the base, though then what we want to do is have our heroes come in and take her out. But, we want to make sure that if we’re doing that that we’re making sure that our heroes are attacking all the defenses from the outside edge of the base. There to the area, we use lightning on our way to the enemy queen.


If you want to 3-star any base, you will have to talk down archer queen and cc troops before starting the rest of the attack. Follow the zap lalo strategy on any of the TH-9 bases on wars, and causal play.

Nouman Ali
Nouman Ali is a Professional player and base designer of this game. He has completed his BS(CS) from Arid Agricultural University and decided to work as an internship blogger. His time in the game and written posts have really helped the readers.


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