Undefeated Town Hall 9 War Bases 2022

town hall 9 defense war base

This town hall 9 base is tested against mass PEKKA, GOWI, and lava loon attacks for 2 stars. Each sections of the base is protected against at least 3 defense buildings to stop the enemies from going deep into the base. To protect the town hall from loons and dragons, archer queen is placed near in the center. It also helps us to distract the troops to take out the queen before destroying the town hall in the game.

anti 1 start (th09) 2022

This layout is very simple yet strategic to defend any th9 base with lower wall levels. It surprises the enemies with spring traps and bombs placed at the opened entrance of the base.

anti ground attack base for th09

The above base is usually best for th8 base but also works fine for the level 9 home base. All the buildings and resources are placed in 8 small and 1 main section to trick the enemies.

th09 anti govi, lavaloon and attack war base

This base is hard for small number of enemy troops who are fighting to destroy the walls to takeout each of the defense separately. Additionally, its hard for troops to make a funnel from left and bottom side of the base as some of the resources and defenses are outside the walls.

anti 2 star base link town hall 9

If you are looking to waste the time of enemies during attack, you might like to choose this base. Sometime simple bases are more powerful if they are designed by keeping in mind the nature of troops (which troops goes where first). This base can be a key to victory during war attacks due to number of large sections. When an enemy attacks and destroys one sections, they have to take a big round to enter other side and so on.

town hall 9 unique defense base
anti GOWI and pekka base for th09
anti air base th09 links

In this base, the attacker have two options to choose from during an attack. Either take out the town hall from the bottom side or the defense buildings on the top. In both cases, troops will be attacked by 2 xbows protected by the walls.

ground and air defense base for town hall 9
anti ground base th (09)

If you’re aim is to defend the town hall at all cost, this base is the perfect fit for you. But remember, it might not be the base for air attacks such as lava loon or drags.

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