Amazing Th10 Hybrid Bases Anti-Everything 2022

best coc anti everthing plus hybrid
Th10 Hybrid Bases Anti-Everything 2022
Th10 base for wars 1

If you’re not a regular player of coc, you might have difficulty managing separate bases. In this scenario, hybrid layouts are best for home, trophy pushing, farming, or war base. In this article, we will share some of the best th10 hybrid bases that are well tested for anti-3 or anti-2 star attacks.

Best Anti-3-star Everything Hybrid Bases

th10 combo hybrid base

This base is best in every case in terms of saving loot, trophies, or even stars. This is because resources and buildings are equally divided into different sections. When a player attacks this base, he/she won’t have a chance to loot all the exilir, dark elixir, or trophies at the same time.

anti everything hybrid base for th10

This unique anti-everything base is simple yet very powerful in terms of saving 2-3 star attacks. When an attacker raids the base, the chances are troops might get stuck in the first layer of the base unless all the buildings are not cleared. Hence, leaving with the 1-star on this base.

Th10 base for war, home base

This base delivers 8 big blocks and 3 small blocks for storing buildings, defenses, and traps. It is tested against anti-air attacks but might gets 3 stars with hogs or lava loons.

base for max protection (trophy pushing)

In this base, most of the resource collectors are out of the base to attract looters. Once they started the attacks, the chances are they might not get to the storage of dark elixir with small troops. To secure it more, we have added lots of defenses at the deeper layers.

ground and air base 2022
hybrid town hall 10 base example
anti everything town hall 10

This special base is useful if you have low-level walls for defense. When the troops start an attack from any side, they are forced to enter the funnel created by the base. Double or triple x-bows will quickly start targetting the troops before they can reach the town hall.

resource protection, war, home and loot base

This base is called a hybrid crown wall base. This is well protected from the top and bottom sides using wizard tower, double tesla towers, and lots of traps. You can use this base for any purpose like saving loot, friendly attacks, etc.

town hall 10 anti star base
hybrid base 2
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